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You are destined to be with her, and God will guide you to her." Good luck finding this one in the Bible.

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He eventually left his job with the law firm and is now a founding partner and co-owner of the gym, , with Tamra.

The gym is based in Rancho Santa Margarita, California and the couple celebrated it's grand opening in February 2013.

I got jealous and said I was banging Frank 2 make him jelly.” Kelly described Frank as a family friend, who Michael is also close with.

Kelly even tried to set Frank up with Vicki before she started dating Steve Lodge!

Tamra, is of course in spin mode, back-pedaling and blaming a rogue Facebook group and insisting she was just as much an innocent victim of their actions.

Because she’s a good Christian, it’s never her fault! Here’s the backstory – so far: A FB group began hassling Kelly based on some text messages they somehow received (or intercepted) which feature Kelly allegedly admitting to Michael that she’s having an affair with this Frank. Part 1The texts reportedly came from a woman Michael used to work with.

“I told her what I heard and she instantly said, ‘You heard this from Meghan!

The family was badly fractured following a nasty divorce six years ago.

But Tamra Judge appears to be on much better terms with her ex-husband Simon Barney and estranged daughter Sidney.

Kelly admits she sent those texts, but insists they’re two years old and she was only making a Kelly-esque outlandish statement (Well, I can believe) to piss off Michael out of jealousy because she believed he was flirting with the co-worker.

Kelly is now taking action against the “hater trolls.” WHO in their right mind devotes their personal life to stalking and harassing a reality television person they do not know?! Going to get a private investigator and I’m going to sue & press charges!! Kelly explained that the leaked texts came from when she and Michael were still separated, but in the process of getting back together.“2 yeas ago when I was getting bk/w Michael I saw text messages …