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From earliest settlement through the nation's rise as a maritime power, to the early Industrial Revolution, Essex County offers an exciting American story.

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As of 2017, critical issues are an epidemic of fentanyl overdoses, a shortage of low-cost rental housing, and a high prevalence of severe mental illness which often co-occurs with addiction.The population of the DTES is estimated at around 6,000 to 8,000.Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre is a neighbourhood facility on East Hastings St near Clark Drive.We have recreation and social activities for all ages and support services for individuals and families.

Recognizing that his own passion for inventiveness was leading him beyond the then-strict boundaries of cuisine in Japan, Tojo chose to come to North America in 1971, where he felt that a multicultural population without preconceptions would be more receptive to his ideas. Vancouver in the early 1970s had only four Japanese restaurants, and at one of them, Maneki, Tojo’s first original dishes were aimed at creating a meeting place for North American tastes and Japanese techniques.The Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre is operated by the Board of Directors of the independent Ray-Cam Co-operative Association and has agreements with the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Park Board and BCHMC.Hidekazu Tojo grew up in post-war Japan beneath the stunningly beautiful volcanic mountain named Sakurajima in Kagoshima, at the southernmost tip of Japan.With that sentiment in mind, I thought it would be appropriate to follow last year's post with the second annual round up of video...The Downtown Eastside (DTES) is a neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.At the turn of the 20th century, the DTES was the political, cultural, and retail centre of the city.