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There are hundreds of participants in any speed dating venue and if you are not able to leave a lasting impression on someone’s mind, chances are you would not be the top in the order. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is not what all of us are.

If you are visiting one of the speed dating events near you, make sure you know the rules of the game. However, you can improve how you look by dressing up well and grooming yourself carefully.

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I had heard varying accounts from second-year students about the check-in protocol: “They’re gonna call you 36 times … you should be able to relax between 3-6 am because they hardly ever issue check-ins then …” I got the drift.

Be ready for anything, except for some particular window, maybe. pm — Speed Dating We all convened at the check-in tent and were asked to sit down to hear the logistics of the weekend.

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After a reasonable amount of time following a given check-in, they would issue a “one-minute warning” for those not yet in their respective lines.

) I knew this sunset would be a harbinger of anything but the typical weekend.

Somehow, at Campout, over the next 36 hours we are going to determine who gets those Duke Men’s Basketball tickets. While a Friday evening for Fuquans normally entails some rest and relaxation (and free food at Fuqua Friday!

Throughout the weekend, new meanings to terms like “all-nighter” and “happy camper” will be learned by the 1,800 graduate students attending Campout.

Perhaps the most important term we would relearn is “mandatory attendance.” As I stood in the “Ab-Bak” line for initial check-in at the main tent (that we would all become very accustomed to over the next 36 hours) I wondered just how many times I would have to race down to this tent upon hearing some sort of siren or horn and get back in this very same line.