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Truths about families as a source of pain—and pleasure.

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Worrying about not sleeping me from sleeping, and by the time my alarm clock sounded, I was lucky if I'd gotten four hours.

At work I often found myself ducking into a bathroom stall just so I could sit on the toilet and rest my head against the cool metal wall for a few blessed minutes.

And by crap we mean, the red underline that comes with every wrong spelling you type. Yeah smartass, we know you are blessed when it comes to one-liners; but hold your horses right there. They are going to tell people how creepy you are, and that, my friend, will be end of game for you. Also read: 10 Pickup Lines You Should Be Scared As Hell To Use Whether you like it or not, saying “hello” or “hi” is still the best way to start off proceedings. wassup hws ya doing babe.” It sounds terrible and the only image you are putting out is that of a wannabe rapper desperate to get some action. Sending tons of messages will get her to picture in bold – DESPERATE.

Ah, now you might complain we are acting like a school teacher; but trust us, being right pays. Fight every instinct inside you to say something too cool, unless of course you want her to puke at your thought. Start slowly, build some rapport and maybe then you can go on a lyrical voyage. Okay, so you have introduced yourself and had a good chat about half an hour back. Play it in a calm manner and reap the rewards that follow.

It was a mere two weeks before Aleksandra's emails swung in a more intimate direction, peppered with loving endearments and declarations of their future together.

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I didn't write, though I am a writer—I wasn't capable of forming , much less sentences.

So by the time I turned to the sleep aid Ambien for relief, I was desperate—and primed to become an addict.