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However, as the puppets were unable to give him the real parental love that he desired, Sasori lost interest in them, and they later fell into Chiyo's possession.Sasori created many other ingenious puppets, including Kuroari, Karasu, and Sanshōuo.Twenty years before his introduction in the series, Sasori left Sunagakure.

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During the Third Shinobi World War, the effectiveness of his puppets in spilling his enemies' blood on the sand gave rise to Sasori's moniker "Sasori of the Red Sand".

However, motivated by his desire to make works that last forever, Sasori began experimenting to create puppets out of people.

When Chiyo attempted to cheer him up by teaching him puppetry, Sasori's innate aptitude for the art became apparent, and he even began to devise masterful ways of eliminating a puppet master's weaknesses in battle.

His skills even allowed him to create two puppets in the image of his parents in an attempt to discard the terrible loneliness he felt.