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Validating website address

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The World Wide Web Consortium sets the standards and also hosts a variety of web page validators.

In simple terms, validation ensures that your website complies with the standards accepted by most web designers.

Plus these days you would generally want to allow IRI as well as old-school URI, so we can link to valid addresses like: Indeed, the right way to validate URLs is not to use a regular expression. It's far more complex than one regexp, which is why it's always better to use a specialized library rather than roll your own regular expression.h://is valid URL.

"h:" is valid prefix See details.

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The following code will work for a cross section of cases.

Just imagine you’re doing this before testing modifier to all the regexes to speed up the tests. Here’s a plain text list of all the URLs used in the test.


See the URL Standard if you’re looking to parse URLs in the same way that browsers do.

Assume that this regex will be used for a public URL shortener written in PHP, so URLs like shouldn’t pass (even though they’re technically valid).