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There was an error updating the deduplication volume

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Backup Exec Deduplication Engine may not start if any bin or bhd file goes missing from Dedupe\Data folder.The Data folder contains all containers (bin and bhd) which houses the unique segments).The deduplication processes are run via Windows scheduled tasks or can be run interactively via Power Shell.The command will quickly show a percentage of deduplication on a single volume.Refer (It could be the AV quarantined these files or disk Issues or abrupt reboots).The container number is reported in the event viewer (application section).Please contact Tech Support if unable to find that bin or bhd since a tool will then need to be run to bring dedupe in a consistent state and for the dedupe engine service to start.

there was an error updating the deduplication volume-62

We are in the process of converting from many physical servers with individual DAS to a handful of virtual Servers and DFS.Both of these VM's have Windows Server 2012 Data Deduplication running, When I added protection I got a warning that, "The volume that you are trying to protect has Windows Deduplication on, which may cause issues with accessing the data." I was able to complete adding of protection but completed it paused until I can get some answers.We have a third party setting up the new Virtual servers and assisting with the migration of data, so at this point no one has been able tell me why deduplication is enabled, and whether it need to remain enabled post migration. This is a troubleshooting article showing some of the Issues that one might encounter when working with the Deduplication storage and how to go about solving them or collect info that would help Veritas Technical Support to solve it quicker for you. Deduplication folder is offline Possible Causes: Dedupe service not starting, Dedupe credentials not correct, Dedupe folder corruption It is important to start your checks by making sure the disk is healthy. Deduplication Engine, Deduplication Manager, Postgres, are all run under local system account.If any one does not start, then following can be checked: 1.Enable-Dedup Volume C: -Usage Type Default Enable-Dedup Volume : MSFT_Dedup Volume.