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Others, primarily […] Here is the latest on WWE’s plans for this year’s Summer Slam pay-per-view event.

There were some on the corporate side that wanted Patron to be gone from the company.

“I'm a huge huge fan,” he tells me, sprawled on a sofa in a London hotel suite, rather enthused. I like original concepts – the first movie was an original concept.” He's not wrong: when racing thriller accelerated its way onto cinema screens in 2001, not even the film's lead stars Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez could have anticipated quite the behemoth it has since become.

Ridley Scott is directing kidnap drama “All the Money in the World” with Sony handling worldwide distribution.

We floated conspiracy theories, in other words, as a way of projecting politics.

While there were both political and pop-culture conspiracy theories in the 1960s and 1970s — Elvis is still alive, you may have heard — conspiracism as a phenomenon didn’t come into full flower until the 1990s. Message boards and chat rooms of that era gave us the golden age of political conspiracy theory, which we are still living in. ) These days, pop-culture obsessives are quick to cook up conspiracies anytime a celebrity dies, changes her appearance, or even stands next to a triangle, and ideas can now be passed from the edges of sanity to your Facebook feed in a matter of minutes, converting more of the easily influenced into paranoid believers.

Now that’s changed, and conspiracy theories are having a yuge moment in the mainstream.

Conventional wisdom puts the beginning of modern conspiracy-theory culture at the JFK assassination.